Final Bell has operated in the legal cannabis space since 1996, honing our expertise and developing specialized equipment, innovative technology, industry-leading products, and proprietary processes. We service clients that produce the highest quality, small-batch products, as well as those that produce value-driven products at high volume — a testament to our ability to develop tailor-made solutions for any client which meet their needs, increase efficiency, and exceed expectations.

Our end-to-end process

Hardware & Packaging

Non-Plant Touching

Purpose built cannabis hardware and packaging specialist, with in-house manufacturing, providing top cannabis brands with innovative design and technology.

Brand Design & Product Development



Master Manufacturing

Plant Touching

Our licensed manufacturing facilities provide product formulation, oil-extraction, device filling and co-packing for the top cannabis brands in California and Canada.

& formulation

& Filling

& Automation

B2b Sales
& Marketing

Final Bell proudly presents a curated collection of elite cannabis brands backed by heavyweight sales and marketing support. We have assembled a team of talented wholesale representatives to cater to the specialized needs of cannabis retailers.

We look forward to serving you.

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